A Tale of Two Releases


Welcome back, agents. It's been a while since I posted, and I have had TWO releases from two different fantasy worlds.

The first release is from an alternate earth in a timeline where ancient Egypt, Greece, and Fae collide. It is the final installment of the Cursed Fae of Orphydice Manor series which is now ready to be binge read.

Sometimes to ascend, you first have to descend . . . Orpheus & Eurydice meets Hades & Persephone in the final installment of this no-spice quartet.

Her husband will traverse the Underworld for her.
But can he rescue her from her fate

Queen of the dead alongside a different bridegroom?

Salma knew that forbidden love had a price, and she determined that she would be the one to pay it. Now, she is a willing prisoner in the Underworld, held captive by the creature of shadows who has pursued her for so long— Hades himself. Every night, she plays a dangerous game of bargains, buying time until the man she left behind can find a way to rescue to her. But time is the one thing Hades does not have now that the Fates have marked him for death and his destiny hinges on winning Salma’s heart.

Adom paid a steep price to keep his beloved safe from her wicked bridegroom for so long. Then in one moment, he lost everything. Now, the only way to reclaim his wife is to walk through the Twelve Gates to the Underworld, a path that the living were never meant to undertake. Adom will make any sacrifice to reclaim Salma from Hades. But is rescue even an option any longer?

With a war between ancient powers lurking on the horizon, the Fates lie in wait to determine who will survive to the new age. In the midst of the birth and rebirth of gods, one must be sacrificed to Death. And a Queen of the Underworld must ascend in the midst of a Pandora Box, pomegranate seeds, and a promise not to look back. But sometimes to ascend, you first have to descend . . .

The finale of a haunting, slow-burn, fade-to-black fae romance with elements of Orpheus & Eurydice, Pandora's Box, and Egyptian mythology. Perfect for fans of Elise Kova's Greek retellings and Sylvia Mercedes's gothic romance.

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My second book releases TODAY, actually. It is the second book in the Sunset at Dawn trilogy, which is set in the fictional empire of Constantinium in a world going through its Medieval period. 

Sparks fly as a female Robin Hood collides with a too-noble King Arthur in the second installment of this no-spice trilogy!

His throne was stolen from him.

The Bandit Queen will help reclaim it—

With the condition that he wed her.

Elspeth has performed her greatest heist yet: stealing the Sacred Prince from the capital just as a release of dark magic turned its citizens against him. That was the easy part. Now she has to safely deliver the reluctant refugee across the province to her camp where he believes the Bandit King will bargain with his army to help Otello reclaim his stolen throne. Except, she is the Bandit King, and that bargain is a marriage arrangement.

Otello's life was turned upside-down in a single moment. Now he's forced to ally himself with the woman who betrayed him with a kiss if he wants to survive, let alone have a chance at seizing back the seat of his empire from the necromancer who wants his blood. As does everything else, it seems, from vampires to gysts. All that is, except the one the magic in his veins has imprinted on, the right hand of the Bandit King who he knows better than to trust with anything, let alone his heart.

He is prophesied to save the Empire. She is destined to destroy him.

If you enjoy fated love, enemies to lovers, and antagonistic marriages of convenience, stay tuned for all three books in this epic, fade-to-black romantic fantasy with a touch of comedy. The fate of an empire will be shaped by two stubborn lovers. It's perfect for fans of Shari L. Tapscott, Alisha Klapheke, and Elise Kova.

Survive the Empire.
Save the Prince.
Steal the Throne.

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So anyway, you have lots of reading ahead of you! Until next time . . .


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