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Weekend Briefing

Welcome back, agents from both Pause for Tales and Agency of Books and Spies. There are some special announcements all agents Level 6 and up need to hear.

Agent of the week:

Be sure to congratulate Agent Strokes if you see her. Unless she's in deep cover (then you saw nothing), or if she's in a Mood (which is 89% of the time, so be warned).

-All three of the Ninja and Hunter Series has been re-edited by the fabulous Kara Grant.

The Time I Saved the Day and The Time I Saved a Damsel in Distress are both updated, and The Time I Saved the World will be updating sometime in the next few days.

-Mind of Darkness is now available in print!

-Fists of Injustice has only six chapters left- which means marathon time! Every day, Monday through Saturday, there will be a new chapter posted on Wattpad. So if you want to see the fall-out from the WTO catastrophe, it won't be long...

-Title reveal for Book Three of the Dystopian Takeover trilogy. Here we go, agents:

Cover reveal next week!

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