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Wednesday Writing Advise

Brainstorming, Part One

So, you want to be a writer, an author, a storyteller. An admiral aspiration, one to be encouraged in our agents (we want to read interesting case files, not what you had for supper). The brainstorming stage is vast- it is very simple to be lost here, and there are no clear guides.  But there are some bright lights. Things you really ought to know before you write (and will help you learn the rest as you write).
CharactersYour ProtagonistYour AntagonistLove InterestThe Rest of the Supporting CastWhat You Don't NeedThemeThe Big Idea Behind Your StoryIts AntagonistIts Love InterestIts Supporting CastHow to Not Be PreachyStory LineBasic ComponentsBasic StructuresCliche's and TropesSettingPlaceTimeWorld-Building
Look interesting, agents? Be sure to stop by next Wednesday- and comment with any special tips you've learned from other teachers- because, when it comes to writing, everything can be a teacher and even the masters must always be learning from t…


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