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Excerpt of Fish Out of Water

“Brandon,” James calls outside the room, his voice box working perfectly. “Your guests have arrived.” “We’re talking about this later.”
Sitting up, I gingerly bring my hand to my throat. “Yes… we… are.”
Brandon suddenly grins, like a merman who has been given the biggest shell. “We are.” Jumping up, Brandon grabs me under my arms and tugs me up, too. Then he lifts my new feet off the ground and twirls me in a full circle.
My jaw drops. It is a common activity under the sea, but how strong must he be to do that up here, with no water to assist him in the lift.
Suddenly, Brandon plants my feet back on the ground and drops his hands. Then he clears his throat while using one of those now free hands to rake his hand through his hair.“Well, we’d better be getting downstairs.”
I nod, smoothing down my own hair. “Y-yes.”
Brandon rushes to the door before glancing back at me and backtracking. “And, um-” His voice drops to a whisper, and I wonder if he even notices it. “Maybe don’t talk in front of J…


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