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Review of Entangled by Sylvia Mercedes

THE LIBRARIAN AND THE PRINCE . . . Clara is an Obligate, an indentured servant of the fae. If she ever wants to see home again, she must survive ten more years of servitude, developing her newly-discovered magic and battling powerful nightmare monsters in the Doomed City Library. She can’t afford any distractions . . . Distractions like Danny—her handsome childhood sweetheart, who longs to free her from her Obligation. Or Lord Ivor—the devastatingly beautiful fae lord, who desires to whisk her away to his own bright court of intrigue and danger. Most of all, she won’t be distracted by the complicated and intriguing Prince of the Doomed City . . . who may not be the enemy she’s always believed him to be. Continue this dark and twisted tale of brave librarians, deadly grimoires, and living nightmares. If you’re looking for breathtaking adventure, spine-chilling thrills, and a healthy dose of slow-burn romance, this is the series for you! Check it out on Goodreads     This is my


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