Published Case Files:

She ran away from his household

He has to save her from certain death.

But can he rescue a woman he doesn't remember?

As the Fae Lord of the Dusk, Adom has far more important things to worry about then chasing down runaways; especially ones he's certain he's never laid eyes on. But a book he doesn't remember yet written in his handwriting lays out several important rules.

1. Salma must be protected at all costs.

2. He must never be in the same room with her at night.

3. He must never, under any circumstances, kiss her.

The only problem is the voice in his head that wants him to break every single rule. The prequel of a haunting, slow-burn, closed-door fae romance with elements of Beauty & the Beast, Hades & Persephone, and Egyptian mythology.

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She’s a mortal with no memories.
As her fae liege, he knows only that he must protect her.
But is he her hero . . . or her captor?

Salma knows only her own name. She doesn’t even remember why she’s ill. Then a fae lord who claims he knows her snatches her back to his manor, and she learns that some things more sinister than death. Like the Court of Dusk where everyone seems to know more about her than she does and nightfall is a deadly affair.

Adom’s book of truth tells him that the woman he doesn’t recognize is a vital member of his household. But the Manor keeps its secrets well, even from its own master. And even the Shadows seem to want the beautiful, mortal nuisance he has pledged to protect.

As the threat of an invasion from night itself continues to mount, Adom knows there will be consequences if he can’t protect her. And Salma wonders if she can trust him to protect her from himself. Because sometimes Adom isn't the begrudging, aloof fae he appears to be. Sometimes he's someone— or perhaps something— else.

The beginning of a haunting, slow-burn, closed-door fae romance with elements of Beauty & the Beast, Hades & Persephone, and Egyptian mythology. Perfect for fans of Sylvia Mercedes, Tara Grayce, and Emma Ham.

***Warning: Contains spoilers for Book One***

She is his greatest weakness.
He is her grimmest threat.
They need to break their fate-bond or die.

Salma is haunted by the truth of who she is and why she was brought to the Manor. She must break the tainted bond she shares with its Master without him learning the truth, or die. Their kiss can mean nothing to her if she is to survive. Especially when the Shade bite she received is even now tainting her blood, twisting her soul, and turning her into a creature of the night.

Adom’s memory is becoming more and more unreliable, and the voice in his head is becoming harder and harder to resist. His Book of Truth tells him that he must, though, for a sacrifice is required on the full moon, and Salma is key. No matter how much the voice whispers its intent to kiss Salma, kill her, and take control of Adom completely.

Their only hope lies in the stories woven by the man in the tower. But can Salma truly trust the faceless being whom she cannot help but visit every night, lured by his dark song? After all, it is never wise to bargain with the fae. Especially in a realm where every kiss is a betrayal and a fate-bond can drag all the worlds to the

The continuation of the slow-burn, closed-door fae romance with elements of 1001 Nights, Phantom of the Opera, and Egyptian mythology. Perfect for fans of Sylvia Mercedes, Tara Grayce, and Emma Ham.
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She's more than just a scullery maid.

He's nothing but a steward.

Surely not enough to distract an ascending queen.

Zahra always knew what her destiny was, and even without the gift of sight, she knows the path she must tread to achieve it. What she didn't anticipate, though, was just how deeply she would feel the sacrifices she must make.

After all, a human sacrifice must be made if she is to take vengeance upon the current King of the Duat and ascend to the throne. And if that sacrifice is a trusting mortal maid named Salma, so be it.

Whatever the cost, Zahra will do what needs to be done. Carefully, though, to avoid the ever-watchful eye of the young steward who has foolishly become enamored of her and thinks he sees something that is not there; something that is lost forever. Zahra would know, because sometimes, she too can see. But only when the blood of another is on her tongue . . .

Blood of Destruction is an alternate POV in the haunting, slow-burn, closed-door fae romance series, Cursed Fae of the House of Orphydice.

What is it that makes poetry... well, poetry? Is it the devices and techniques used by its creators like rhyme and rhythm? Alliteration and assonance? Or is it something much deeper, that these tools merely convey?

Compared to prose, poetry has to tell a lot with a little. Therein lies the core of what poetry may be. It is the product of a poet placing one finger on the pulse of the world or reality, nature or human experience, and holding a pen with the other hand.

Poetry doesn't tell the full story. It doesn't have to. It shows a glimpse that laymen can look at and think, I know what that is; I have experienced that also- even if they may never have experienced it outside the phone. It's a universal truth that experts can dig into it layer by layer and find new meanings each time.

With that in mind, I hope you read this collection with both your heart and your mind because poetry is so complex it requires both organs in order to be understood. And for these poems especially, a whole lot of patience.

Ebook, Paperback, and Audiobook Available on Amazon

The Ninja and Hunter Series Book One:

High school sophomore, Charisa O'Dell, has enough to do between homework, karate, and an upcoming school dance. However, when she is accidentally endowed with superhuman powers, she adds one more thing to the list: crime fighting. Crime is a lot more complicated than her comics make it seem, and she finds herself relying on the mysterious Villain Hunter, who somehow shares several of her superhuman powers. Even so, the more she infiltrates the world of crime, the more she attracts the attention of the criminals. Will she survive her attempt to save the day?


The Ninja and Hunter Series Book Two:

When Charisa O’Dell goes to Washington D.C. on a field trip, she is reunited with her old crime fighting partner and is hired by a senator to rescue his kidnapped daughter. The kidnappers are professionals, and Charisa herself is a little out of practice (a lazy week can do that to you); however, Charisa knows what it’s like being kidnapped, so she’s willing to do whatever it takes to rescue the girl. But will that be enough to rescue the damsel in distress?

The Ninja and Hunter Series Book Three:

Charisa O’Dell has enough on her plate trying to live a normal life despite her superpowers. But when a mysterious menace acquires superpowers of his own, she fights back. However, even with Hunter and her dad by her side, she is sorely outnumbered. And Hunter just complicates things more… 

When the menace sets his sights on the world, they face a global apocalypse with only one hope. A hope that could destroy that which Charisa holds most dear. As she faces coming of age, a countdown, and a choice, she knows very well that she might not survive an attempt to stop the menace. And even if she does sacrifice everything, will it be enough to save the world?

The Castaways Trilogy Book One:

Emily Rogers thought nothing could be worse than her family moving across the ocean. When the unthinkable happens and the ship goes down, she learns just how wrong she is. Now she's stranded on a deserted island with her two young cousins and Christopher Williams, the boy who refused to leave until all the women and children were safe. But the island hides many secrets and holds many dangers. And as they fight to survive and hold onto hope, one unsettling question rises above the others. Is the island really deserted?

Ebook, Paperback, and Audiobook available on Amazon

The Castaways Trilogy Book Two:

Emily Rogers hoped her most dangerous days were behind her when she escaped from the Island. But soon she realizes that trying to figure out her relationship with Christopher Willaims and dodging nosy reporters are the least of her worries. The evil they uncovered on the Island is hunting them down. Once again torn away from their parents and normal life, Emily and her cousins along with Christopher and Oto and a handful of allies must flee through Europe. To be caught would mean certain death, but how long can one keep ahead of the powers that be?

Ebook, Paperback, and Audiobook available on Amazon

The Castaways Trilogy Book Three:

Emily Rogers has had enough excitement for one summer. But even with the Masters behind bars, the drama isn't over. Now there's the court case to look forward to, as well as unwanted fame, and a hostile reporter. Then the 'accidents' begin. One by one, mysterious attacks begin affecting her, her family, and her friends. With Christopher by her side, she endeavors to find out whoever is behind those incidents. But will she be able to find those she loves most in time?

The Dystopian Takeover Trilogy Book One:

Emily Rogers is ready for a summer that doesn’t involve being cast away on islands or being chased around the globe. So when she’s invited to an elite pre-college class along with her boyfriend, she jumps at the chance. But things are not all they seem at the Yin Program. Students are disappearing, and someone seems to be toying with their minds…

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, Charsia O’Dell is anticipating a summer of romance and adventure with her crime-fighting partner. But she never expects that they’ll be kidnapped and taken to an underground bunker to be guinea pigs to a mad scientist named Jin Yin. Most shocking of all, she learns that they are not the only super humans in the world…

Somehow, Emily and Charisa have to break out of the prisons imposed upon them to decipher the conspiracy before their minds are enslaved by the darkness within…

Ebook and Paperback available on Amazon

Charisa O'Dell is on the run with her boyfriend, Kyle Rivers, and Tim, their fellow superhuman. She will stop at nothing to bring to justice the scientist responsible for kidnapping them, and to avenge the broken girl they had to leave behind. But to do so, they must travel across the world to gather evidence against the perpetrators behind the inhumane crimes done to them... and expose a conspiracy bigger than they could have imagined.

Meanwhile, Emily Rogers is doing her part as the mole in the Yin Program, leading her own investigation to this strange plot while making sure that she rises higher and higher in the ranks of the program that is more than a pre-college study. She'll do whatever it takes to get to the bottom of what they've done to her boyfriend, Christopher Williams. Christopher, who is himself, but not himself- who she can't even trust anymore. Who is getting more and more webbed up in this strange scheme with each passing second...

Together, Charisa and Emily have to rise above the inhumanities inflicted upon them to bring to justice the monsters who have imprisoned those they love. Or be consumed by the thirst for vengeance that could destroy them all.

Ebook and Paperback available on Amazon

Charisa leads the front lines in a stint of guerrilla warfare against those who have incarcerated her father and who are slowly imprisoning the world one Cure vaccine at at time- even as her loathing of them twists her into their likeness.

Emily tries to urge the masses and governments of world to resist the temptations offered them by the one who would gladly rule over them, but how much more can her mind and body take before giving in to the weakness of her heart?

And Alex fights to rise above his poisonous bloodline to choose what is right and good. To fight for freedom. And fight his own family even though it breaks his heart.

It's days like these that change the world as we know it.

Ebook and Paperback available on Amazon

The world is reeling from the near-apocalypse of the Dystopian Takeover that was only just averted by a motley crew of teenagers, including Violet Strokes.

Violet now finds herself recruited by a special opps team- Code Name Peacemakers- to train to prevent future takeovers from ever happening along with some of the other teenage heroes. Which would be a lot easier if she weren't struggling to hide her emotional and physical wounds of the last takeover, or if everyone else on the team weren't spoiled rich kids (minus one mild-mannered superhuman named Tim).

It certainly doesn't help that one of the other teenagers on the team is her long-lost childhood friend- and the son of the villains of the Dystopian Takeover- Alexander Franklin III, who is insistent that they rekindle their friendship. On top of it all, every turn she takes, she seems run into another boy from her past- with what may be an even more sinister family legacy...

Somehow, though, Violet, Alex, and the rest of the team need to figure out how to work together to protect the world from itself. That is, if Violet can stop the takeover that is going on in her very mind... 
Violet is only just now acclimating to her team when she's assigned her first solo mission. Which is good, because she and Alex need some distance.

She has no time for her newly re-instated best friend's worries about the possibility that she may or may not have been attacked by Dr. Earnestine and injected with something that could possibly alter her DNA. Violet is ready for some time away to focus on a mission and not on her own confusing feelings. But her mission unearths a different set of feelings.

Assigned to protect a recently orphaned young heiress, Violet must ensure that nothing happens that will send the money to the next in line- namely, the nefarious Mr. Columbus. Who has sent his son to 'pay his respects' - and woo the girl whose stipulation to inheritance is marriage. But the presence of Jeremy makes things a bit more complicated for Violet, since she's supposed to be in deep cover, and they've locked lips more than once. Also making it a bit awkward is the possibility that another Peacemaker may also be undercover as a potential suitor on a different mission. Oh, and there's also a wannabe killer on the loose who could be anyone.

But it's nothing that Violet can't handle. That is, if she can figure out exactly what it is Dr. Earnestine did to her, and why he's always in her head . . .

She knows better than to trust anyone.
He wants his best friend back.
Together they will probably save the world. Most likely.

After months of spy training and several missions under her belt, she's sure of only two things. One, she has superpowers. And two, she and Alex need to figure out what they are and why before Earnestine can weaponize her.


There are a lot of other things Violet is less than sure about. Like whether she's smart to trust the team she's started to call friends. Or how entwined Jeremy is with his father's current mysterious plot that the Peacemakers have been assigned to uncover evidence on. Or even that Alex sees her as just a friend.


When betrayal rocks Violet's world, she does the only things she knows how to do: she runs. But no matter how far she runs, she can't escape Earnestine's reach. Or her own feelings. Or even her past in the form of the one man she thought she'd never see again . . .


For the first time in her life, Violet isn't so sure she's got everything handled. But between the evil combination of Columbus and Earnestine while the Peacemakers are at their weakest, the stakes have never been so high.

A YA action-adventure rom-com perfect for fans of C.J. Hill and Ally Carter about spy training and summer romance.
Releasing December 31, 2022



Spider swarms— Wait, what?

The Peacemakers are an elite group of teenage spies in training. Ok, so they're not technically elite yet, but they're getting there. Unless you count saving the world a couple times totally counts. In which case, they are totally elite. These are their stories.

Ninja and Hunter are learning how to have a third superhuman on their team. Emily Rogers is just trying to survive her first mission as a spy. Violet and Alex have a picnic. Faith utterly breaks Tim's heart.

Follow the tales of your favorite teenage spies and superheroes along with bonus stories from a hero, a villain, and someone somewhere in-between . . .


The Howling Twenties Trilogy Book One:

Jane Delane has always lived an unusual life, having survived a freak wolf accident and then growing up in the woods completely sequestered from 1920s society. But as her seventeenth birthday draws near, her life becomes even more unusual when her father falls ill and her brother goes missing. When she decides to go searching for her absentee sibling, she joins leagues with a werewolf hunter named Amos Hood. Together they plunge into a world completely new to her- all the while she begins to learn of a darker one that has haunted her since childhood. And as she continues her hunt for her brother, it soon becomes apparent that something is hunting her.

The Howling Twenties Trilogy Book Two:

Fleeing with her brother to Scotland, Jane Delane boards a luxury cruiser in search of their estranged mother. Life is hard enough between nursing her brother back to health and nursing her own broken heart over having to leave behind Amos Hood, werewolf hunter, for her brother's own good- but then it gets a whole lot more complicated when she learns that Amos has, in fact, boarded the ship in search of her. As has the werewolf bent on making Jane like himself. Only his strategy is different this time- this time he intends to woo her in his human form. Surrounded by a passel of suitors and desperate to learn more about the shadowy world living just beneath the glamor of the twenties, Jane finds herself overwhelmed by new faces and old- new loves and old. And through it all, the clock is ticking ever closer to the day the wolf vowed to turn her. But who can she trust to save her? 

The Howling Twenties Trilogy Book Three:

Struggling with her guilt over what she's done to the love of her life and battling the insanity that comes with her lycanthropy, Jane isn't sure she can survive long enough, traveling with the motley group of allied enemies, to make it to her mother and the cure they pray she can give them. Then things get a whole lot more dangerous when Maple, a rouge faerie and perhaps the one person crazier than Jane herself, joins the group to both help and hinder at her whim. But even as artificial infatuations and overturned secrets strike the band, they learn what must be done to reach the aim they all strive for. All except the wolf who still hunts Jane, confident she will be his yet even as the prophecy of Jane's second death comes ever closer to unfolding... 

A collection of faerie tales and adventure stories from two worlds parallel to each other. One is a world filled with fae folk and monsters, and the other is place of clockwork and alchemy. Both are brimming with magic, mystery, and mortals who must find their places within.

Between the pages of these worlds, a boy learns his childhood friend is a dyrad, a lady must sneak away from her own ball to provide the cure to a plague-infected village, a siren has to solve a murder, and more.

Also includes an exclusive short story from the Howling Twenties series, involving the enchanted forest, a wedding day, and a blood moon.

Be swept away in tales of wonder- with all profit going to Polaris so girls and boys can have a chance to live their own faerie tales and adventures in freedom.


Genie and Serena are just a normal couple of girls... just kidding. As a dormant mermaid (she hasn't activated her genetic abilities yet), Genie is actually kind of normal- except for being kind of sheltered. At least she is compared to her cousin, the millennia old siren Serena. But as different as they are, the cousins are bound together by their mutual affection for each other- and their love of solving mysteries.

Together, Genie and Serena form a paranormal investigation business to celebrate Genie's first time in the real world- and away from both of their overbearing families. Together, they partner with actual normal human Keith and the newly immortalized Albert to solve cases that have to do with creatures from their side of the shadows.

Join them as they solve a murder mystery in a twisted game of Clue, track down a vampire hiding for his life, and deal with a lovesick dhampir named Virgil.

But there's nothing they can't handle together, right?

The inauguration year of Queen Victoria means little in the wild west of the Americas...

Rose Red is a respectable woman now, and her past as a member of Queenie's cattle-wrangling gang is securely behind her. Until the sister she left behind appears at her door, desperate for help. With nowhere else to turn, Rose has to seek shelter from the sheriff... who also happens to be the man she stood up at the altar.

Blood is thicker than water.

When Blanca Red learns that Queenie means to have her killed, she flees for her life from the only family she's ever known. Other than the sister who abandoned her years ago. Now she and her estranged sister have to lay low with the sheriff's brother- and local preacher- who insists that her past isn't too much of an obstacle for her to become a church man's wife.

But as Rose could tell her sister, the past has a way of finding you again. And hers wants her dead.

The Clockwork Faerie Tale Novella series can be read as stand-alones or together, for whenever you want your steampunk happily ever after.


 The inauguration year of Queen Victoria hasn’t yet reached across the ocean to the Caribbean Islands . . .

Aurora has everything she could ever want now that her childhood sweetheart is her betrothed. Everything, that is, except her brother’s freedom from a dishonest life and the ability to move on from her mother's mysterious death. When an opportunity arises that will both repay her brother’s debt and grant her a chance to learn what really happened to her mother, Aurora seizes it. If it means becoming a novice in a sisterhood of thieves, so be it. But sometimes the worst nightmares happen when you’re awake . . .

Henry Huntsman turned his life around and left behind all he ever knew to start fresh. Everything, that is, except the only woman he ever loved. But when Aurora is offered the opportunity to rescue her brother from the life Henry left behind, nothing he can say will stop her. But when Aurora goes missing, there’s nothing Henry won’t do to find her. All is not what it seems on the islands. Not when there is alchemy in the water . . .

The Clockwork Faerie Tale Novella series can be read as standalones or together, for whenever you want your steampunk happily ever after.

The inauguration year of Queen Victoria sees a world where old magic and new technology coexist . . .

Aladdin has always had a sense of adventure and a nose for trouble. Now he’s half a world away from his birthplace to investigate the secrets of the land his father came from. And hopefully find treasure on the way. But the last thing he was expecting to find was two genies and a fair princess who absolutely loathes him . . .

Princess Rani doesn’t believe in curses by day. By night, though, she can't escape her own curse she finds herself leaving her body and bound to the lamp as a Jinn. Nor can she hide from the truth she forgets by day: she's enslaved to the master of the lamp until she breaks the curse by marriage. When Aladdin appears as the better alternative to the son of the sorcerer who cursed her, Rani does her best to advise the latest master of the lamp to woo her by day. If only Rani by day could remember she’s not supposed to hate her bumbling suitor.

How can you break a curse you don’t remember?

The Clockwork Faerie Tale Novella series can be read as standalones or together, for whenever you want your steampunk happily ever after.

The inauguration year of Queen Victoria sees a world where the seven seas are yet un-mapped and filled with mystery . . .

Sindbad had room in his heart for one love: the sea. Unlike women, the sea would never betray him, and it was never hard to determine the ocean's mood. The sea kept things simple; just him and his men traveling the globe and discovering new territory for Her Majesty the Queen. But his newest cabin boy is hiding a secret that could derail Sindbad's carefully charted course . . .

Dunyazad is running out of time to rescue her sister from the murderous tyrant she has fallen into the clutches of. With the well of stories keeping Scheherazade alive going dry, Dunyazad decides to have an adventure of her own to be spun into a tale long enough to last until she find a powerful ally that will rescue her sister once and for all. But her tenuous plan depends on her keeping her true identity— and gender— a secret from the misogynistic captain or else risk being stranded on a deserted island. If only the man weren't so infuriating, or handsome . . .

Falling in love may be the most dangerous adventure of all to be found on the Seven Seas.

The Clockwork Faerie Tale Novella series can be read as standalones or together, for whenever you want your steampunk happily ever after.


He’s a capable in all things but romance.

She’s determined to recruit him one kiss at a time.

One soul saved. One life spared. Two souls bound together for life.


I thought I left my past as a special agent behind me. The government has other ideas. When the terrorist group that I specialize in flares up again, it’s time to get the team back together. There’s Garret, our muscle who I never really trusted in the first place. Robbie, the new guy and tech called in to replace my fallen friend. And Amelia, our team con and the love of my life . . . who is intent on converting me to her new religion.

Our first mission seems simple enough: find and steal a relic before the NEOs can use it for their own nefarious purposes. Only, it’s not simple because we’re not the only ones after it. Worse, there’s a rogue agent who calls herself Felicity who keeps getting involved in the messiest ways. Between her evening gowns, futuristic guns, and cryptic messages that say she knows more about me and my past than even I do, I know only one thing: I don’t trust her.

No matter what, though, I’ll complete my mission if only to thwart the NEOs. And this time, I’ll make sure all my agents get back to base safely. Even if it means having to kiss the wrong girl a time or two.

When did espionage get so complicated?

Perfect for fans of Jennifer Estep, Ally Carter, or anything Ian Flemming meets rom-com.Book one in the re-release of The Bachelor Missions omnibus in bite-size format with an exclusive comic strip.

Kristian Clark and the Agency Trap Book One:

The good-guys, the bad-guys, and the wild card- it's the ultimate game of cloak and dagger... 

Kristian Clark, private eye, thought his days as a special agent were behind him, but when he's drafted into action, he finds himself reunited with his old team- and painful memories of why they broke up in the first place. But as he plunges into mission after mission- from a 'holy heist' to babysitting a young hacker to going undercover in a cult- Kristian find that everything he tried to leave behind is coming back to haunt him with a vengeance, and then some. First there's the mysterious woman who knows more about Kristian- and his past- than makes sense while using science fiction weapons that don't make sense period. Then there are the shady powers-that-be who are responsible for drafting him back into this world to satisfy their own nefarious agendas. It's all Kristian can do to keep from being pulled into their games as he tries to figure out who to trust and what to fight for, even as the trap put in place to destroy him is set with a ticking clock. 

When did espionage get so complicated?

Kristian Clark and the Agency Trap Book Two:

The classic game of cat and mouse- but who's the cat and who's the mouse? 

Kristian Clark is still reeling from his accidental marriage to his rookie, Susan Deanna, when NEO anarchists attack their agency and they have to go on the run with his- their?- two adopted children. But the NEOs aren't the only ones who are after them- the strange agency that seems straight from the pages of a science fiction novel is hot on their tails. But are they going after Kristian? Or Susan? Or both? But as they work to stay one step ahead of their pursers, secrets begin to come to light about their enemies, their friends, and even each other. Things are in play that are beyond any of their understanding or attempts to control. Even if all reality seems to be a fabrication, will Kristian be able to face his calling? 

What if everything you knew was a lie?

Kristian Clark and the Agency Trap Book 2.5:

I'd tell you I love you... But then you'd make me change the baby's diaper. 

Kristian Clark can go undercover for months on end, combat multiple enemies at once, and even teleport through dimensions. He should be ready for everything. But having a newborn child... is a little outside his skill set. 

And the universe isn't ready for little Shannon either. The tentative layers of the universe begins to peel apart and his adopted son gets pulled through a portal in the hospital. 

Along with an angry wife and reunited best friend, Kristian travels the dimensions to find his son and somehow find a way to save reality without giving up his little girl.

Also includes seven other stories.

All profit goes to charity.

Ebook, Paperback, and Hardback (both color and black and white) available on Amazon

Marina always knew what she wanted in life: to be a successful private investigator in her adopted country, and Kristian Clark. But when he loses everything, but gains a wife, she still tries to have both as the business partner to a man who can no longer show his face to the public, and has a happy private life. Everything changes, though, when she takes an off-the-record job from foreign diplomat, Eitan Cohren who needs her help to find a missing girl. There is a life beyond pining for her first love- but the choice to move on may be beyond her control.

Originally published in Ruptured Reality and Other Stories, now re-released with bonus chapters and an exclusive sneak-peak of Operation Paradise Lost.

All profit goes to Human Coalition.

Ebook, Paperback, and Audiobook available on Amazon

Merry Christmas, maybe?

It's the Clarks' first Christmas together, but Kristian doesn't feel like there's much to celebrate while on the run. Enter three agents from the future on a mission to turn Kristian's Scrooge-ness into Christmas cheer in a desperate attempt to prevent a future tragedy. But will they succeed in their mission or merely assist him in dooming his own future?

He'd better be good- or else.

Kristian Clark and the American Agenda Book One:

Dream not of other worlds...

They call him agent and he answers. They tell him conquer and he does. But there's something they don't know. He's beginning to remember. His name is Kristian Clark. He has a wife and four children. Or he did. But he will find them again, whoever is left, wherever they are, and whatever it takes.

They call her the Aisling. She does their missions only as far as it helps her accomplish her own: to find and rescue the children of a fallen woman. And she will not let anyone get in her way- most certainly not the brainwashed father who has for so long been an unthinking weapon for the government. To save the innocents, she will not hesitate to do whatever it takes- no matter how much it condemns her.

They are the root of a conspiracy that would bring two worlds together, for good or for evil, for better or for worse, for life or for death. Their choices shall echo throughout all eternity.


And Eden were no Eden thus exposed…

He found himself only to be stolen again. This time, though, it is not Kristian’s mind that is lost, but his soul. Suddenly without a conscience, the man formerly known as Kristian Clark has only goal: to make sure that no other being controls him again despite his weakened state. Whatever that means, and whatever it takes.

She found a reason to live only to lose it again. Her goal to find the lost children remains unchanged- and the Aisling’s need to remain focused on that end only strengthens. But with a new sociopath dead-set on the same mission, she finds the heart she thought died breaking in all new ways. Aisling knows one thing for sure, though: she will redeem what she lost. If that means sacrificing an innocent life, then heaven help them all.

Together with their motley allies, including Kristian’s un-fallen Alternate, a fellow sociopath, and the men who love her, they face the same impossible task. Fight against two enemy agencies to find twin innocent children and separate parallel worlds before the ashes of one burns the other.

All is not perfect in paradise... Also known as exile.

Kristian Clark has survived purgatory. He and his children were kidnapped, his brain has been picked apart and put back together wrong, and he has done terrible things at the whims of other people. But now, at last, his family is back together and safe.

That is, if the artificial world they are hiding on along with refugees from the world he burned is, actually, safe. And if his wife survives her pregnancy with her own mind intact. And if their children don't run him up a wall.

Between a handicapped child always reminding him of his failures, and a tombstone warning him he has no room to fail again, can Kristian really rise above it all and be the husband, father, and leader he needs to be? Or is the grief, trauma, and depression too strong? With access to every dimension, can he find one to finally make his home? Or is he doomed to purgatory as long as he lives?

Also includes seven other stories.

All profit goes to charity.

Eitan Cohren always knew what he wanted in life: to find and return Rhyan Perez to her father, his employer and mentor. But when he finds Rhyan with the help of Marina Ivanov, PI, he loses her all over again the same day thanks to the very woman he hired. Now, years later, he hasn't given up on his search. And when an informant connects Rhyan to one Maxwell Columbus, Eitan takes a job guarding the mysterious Anechoic chamber for Columbus Senior. But nothing in Eitan's life has ever gone exactly as he hoped . . .

Includes one original story, one story previously published in Eden In-Between and Other Short Stories, and exclusive sneak peaks into both The First, First Gentleman and New Teacher in Town.

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I’m not the best of men, but I’m not the worst of them either. I’m simply a man with a hard job to do. A complicated one. One that can get a little bit dirty. But a duty that is absolutely necessary for the future of my nation.

And as the husband of the first-ever female President of the United States, that’s a responsibility that is very close to my heart. Sort of like Arizona, not that my best friend for two decades would ever understand. Even if we are kind of married now.

There’s a lot of things she wouldn’t understand about me. But that’s okay. It’s not her job to worry about the deep state Committee that’s trying to make every politician their puppet, including her. She certainly doesn’t need to know that I’m on that Committee, or that, as my alter ego the Master Spy, I can thwart those plans. After all, that’s my job. Hers is running the free world.

But between trying to maintain three different identities, training a new henchman, hunting down the one that got away, and keeping the bad guys from hurting the woman I love, it’s all in a day’s work. The secret that gets me is my unrequited love for my best friend turned wife.
I have been called many things in my life. Nerd. Son. Friend. Master Spy. Mr. Blue. Secret Secret Serviceman. But the title I’m most proud of is that I’m the first First Gentleman. Because that means I’m Arizona’s husband.

Arizona, my best friend for twenty years who has a crush on my wrong identity. And who’s mad at the identity she knows best. So mad that she’s keeping secrets. Almost as big of secrets as the ones I keep from her.

But I have good reason for those secrets. Because her life is once again in the balance. This time, though, it’s up to me to appease the Committee. By convincing the esteemed White House guest and crown prince to join their ranks.

Somehow, I have to keep everything straight as I have to figure out how to recruit him, woo back my wife, and keep tabs on all my henchmen. It’s no wonder, really, that I’m hearing voices . . .
The Ghost of You by [Jes Drew] 
I never have called myself a saint. Sure, I never meant to get so sucked into the life of death and deceit that I chose, but there’s no denying what I did. I’d be the first to say I’m irredeemable.

But he saw something different in me. I don’t know what, but he believed in it. Believed in me. Until he died by the hands of a woman disguised as me.

Fleeing from my old handler, I’m never going back to that life of servitude. But before I can close the door on my days as an assassin, there’s just one more kill I need to accomplish. Hers. I’ll make her pay for what she took from me.

There are only two complications. One, I’m artificially impregnanted with the child of the man I loved and lost. And two, my old recruit is on the hunt for me to get some revenge of his own.

But after everything I’ve been through, everything I’ve done, I know nothing can stop me now. Not even a skeleton in my closet or a ghost from my past.

I have been called many things in my life. Seductress. Secretary of Inter-Dimensional Defense. Killer. Failure. Ebony Smith. But those titles are all dead, because I’m Ruby Jones, now. And Ruby is only one thing: an expecting mother.

With my last mission behind me, I can blend into small-town America and make a good life for my baby. Except, Milan has tracked me down and established himself in this town, too, as he seeks me out.

Which means I can’t make one wrong move. It also means that I’m at Elijah’s mercy to make my cover story flawless. And he doesn’t think my last mission was my last one, after all. In fact, he has a new job lined up for me that has nothing to do with my new teaching position. I have to track down a runaway priest.

A runaway priest who is convinced that my house is haunted. But that’s okay, because it’s haunted with Kristian’s ghost. And he’s my one comfort as I face the rest of my life, starting with the part where I’m the new teacher in town.

 Gabriel Cooper is just another cop on the NJPD- well, just another cop, except with almost psychic instincts. When those instincts lead him onto a bus to capture a hostile, he's exposed to a mysterious bomb. Still, it seems like just another adventure he walked away from. Except that suddenly, his instinct is becoming his primary sense to keep out of trouble- and there is a lot of trouble.

Braelin Cunningham has no family, but she does have her best friend Gabe. She'll do whatever it takes to protect him from the mysterious League of Incredible Supermen. As long as Braelin gets to be by the side of her best friend and secret crush, she'll do it. Even if it means going on the run when more than the League get interested with Gabe's newfound abilities.

On the run together, it seems like no matter where they turn, danger is there. When it comes to having superpowers, apparently, you can run- but you can't hide.



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