Book Review: The Former Things by Allen Steadham


Sean Winter is burdened by a heartrending past he can't share.

As a result, Sean doesn’t believe there are any good Christian examples in the world. Any faith he had has been eroded. He depends on facts, reason, and experience alone.

At twenty-four-years-old, he has a bachelor’s degree and works at one of the top customer service firms in Oklahoma City. A new job and post-college life bring new opportunities for friendship and even love. What happens when one of those new acquaintances turns out to be a Christian? And is Sean ready for any kind of romantic relationship?

He continues to be haunted by his traumas, depression, past choices, and his own naiveté. They all threaten to tear him apart, however hard he fights against them.

Sean wants to build a future for himself. But he risks being consumed by the former things that torment him.

Can two Christians, one from Sean’s past and one he’s just met, make a difference in the life of an atheist?

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This book follows a young atheist trying to reestablish his life after doing everything he can to escape the tragedy of his past. The story starts off in a hurricane and becomes quite the emotional storm. It was very compelling to watch as everything fell apart, wondering how on earth any redemption could come into poor Sean Winter's life. But this story shows very clearly how much bigger God is than any situation and how He can work it all for good. The characters were also very compelling, watching how they interacted with each other, for better and for worse.

I have previously read this author's works, but this was my first book of his without any speculative elements. It was just as good as his other books I read, and I look forward to reading more from this author.

Note for sensitive authors: there are adult themes explored as Sean is, after all, an adult, and adult problems happen.

I received an ARC copy from the author and was not required to write a favorable review.

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