Coming Soon: A New Kristian Clark anthology!


So, something that has been bothering me is this collage. Someone forgot to add Marina Ivanov, PI to it when creating it. I'd add it now, but an odd number just wouldn't work. The only solution, then, is to create another Kristian Clark book.
Introducing, Kristian Clark and the American Agenda, Book 2.5... with a name still not quite final as Mission Head puts everything together. Most of the stories have been written, though. But there's one more slot. I leave it up to you, agents, to vote for your favorite (or least favorite, if you play that way) character to star in their own piece of flash fiction!

(Characters already represented: Kristian and Susan; Allen and Rhyan; Marina and Eitan; Martha; Bianca and Peter; Ebony Smith; and the Master Spy)

Just like Ruptured Reality, this anthology will also be illustrated, with all profit going to Human Coalition.


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