Excerpt of Intergalactic Witness Protection


Reverend Shipping takes a deep breath, and then the door bursts open so that captain can stride in. She takes one look at Shipping and kicks the door shut behind her.

Since her back is to me, I’m unable to detect her expression, but everything about the way she’s carrying herself indicates she’s pleased with herself.

For now.

The Reverend stands up. “Ma’am, I’m not sure if I can really be of service to you...”

The captain cuts him off by closing the distance between them and pressing her lips to his.

Reverend Shipping stumbles backward before wrapping his arms around the woman’s waist as if to steady himself.

I take the opportunity to scan the female captain’s body, tracing two guns and one blade. “Shipping, she has a pulse gun in her back holster.”

The Reverend’s hands move across her waist before coming into contact with the holster. Then one hand works to rub circles on her back above the holster while his other hand grasps the lapel holding the gun there, undoes it, and then tosses it to the bed behind them.

He twirls her slightly then, and I move to the other side of the bed, which Shipping now has her back to as her hands explore his hair.

Her other gun is in her left boot.”

Without missing a beat despite the way his mouth still hasn’t moved from the woman’s, he scoops her up into the arms like human grooms commonly do with their brides when crossing the threshold.

Her arms move down to wrap around his neck as she continues to kiss. His hand holding her from behind her knees trails down her leg to her boot. There, he quickly tugs the gun out, drops it over the bed, and continues to trail his hand back up her leg again.

“Anything else?” Reverend Shipping asks.

“Just a blade in her blouse.”

“I think we can survive a blade.”

“Reverend Shipping-”

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