Excerpt of Intergalactic Witness Protection


With that, Reverend Shipping takes each of the captain’s weapons and stows them away on his person.

The captain stares at him, stunned. It takes me a moment to realize my own neurons have stalled.

Taking myself out of the stall, I ask, “Shipping, do you have military training?”

“Is the outside hall clear?” he asks back, walking toward the door without glancing at either the captain or myself.

I scan. “Yes. The closest crew mates are in the third room on the left after you take the first in the hallway.

“Thank you.” Shipping presses the button that makes the door slide open before walking into the hallway and turning right.

Appearing in front of the door separating Shipping from the two men, I scan for life-forms again within. They are in the same position as before, sitting across from each other, probably playing some sort of gambling game.

“What angle will they be in when the door opens?” Reverend Shipping asks.

“Right in the center of the room, about three feet from each other.”

“Standing or sitting?”


“Good. Open the door.”

I do, and Shipping doesn’t even seem to look before shooting twice, then a third time.

He catches me analyzing and shrugs. “I missed the second time.” Then he strides in to where the men are pulsating on the floor.

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