Excerpt of Intergalactic Witness Protection

I do a scan of the ship. “He’s on the opposite side, just a room apart from where they have Orion and Wayta.

“Good.” Shipping marches through the halls, with me making sure each doorway slides open for him, until we reach the room the cyborg was reportedly in.

And is now stepping out of.

His gaze falls on Reverend Shipping and me. Then he immediately goes for the weapon in his holster.

“I will attempt to hack him,” I tell the Reverend before searching for a way to connect into his body’s network. A way to infiltrate it.

Shipping dives around a corner as a gun goes off.

Finally, I find the wi-fi connection, and enter the system through there. But a firewall slams in between me and the rest of the network.

Reverend Shipping manages to kick the gun out of the cyborg’s hand, but he’s not able to dodge the robotic hand that grasps him around the neck.

Scanning the traces of the other signatures that have accessed the cyborg’s network, I look for a signature that the firewall would have let through.

Meanwhile, the cyborg raises the Reverend into the air by his neck.

“Don’t… do this… son,” Shipping gasps while clawing at the unmoving metallic hand. “I don’t… want to… hurt you.”

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